Use your body to stay healthy

woman wearing black sports bra and jogger shorts smiling

Physical activity is necessary to optimise the use of Prana. Your body is meant to walk, run, pull, push, sit, stand, bend, twist, stretch and cringe. All this and more is what your body is capable of doing and you must use your body to stay healthy. A well used body is a healthy body. Bodies with less exercise give in to disease and illness pretty soon. When your body is used well and is exposed to various environments, it develops the resilience and resistance to diseases. A healthy body has a healthy flow of oxygen and prana.

Your lungs supply oxygen to your body. Your lungs breathe better when your body demands oxygen. Your muscles become healthier with physical activity, exercise and Yoga. They are the best ways to keep your organs healthy. Walking is a good start to great health. Spending long hours sitting or lying down reduces your body’s demand for oxygen and so, your lungs work less. You put on weight and that causes lethargy in the body. This is the beginning of various diseases.

Start exercising or practicing yoga. Stretching, twists and free hand exercises can be learnt easily and that is a good way to start improving your physical health. A little everyday will amount to a healthy and fit body.