How much water is good for you?

Water is essential for the body. It quenches our thirst. But, how does water help besides the fact that it feels good drinking water!

Did you know that water helps flush toxins out from your blood? Why must we consume water and when and how and how much? This is a science that Ayurveda scientists studied thousands of years ago.

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Our body has a lymphatic system. A lymphatic system is a network of vessels in an arrangement that looks like a fish net. There are lymph nodes which look like tiny nuts. The largest of these nodes are the tonsils in the throat.

The purpose of the lymphatic system is to absorb toxins from the blood typically after digestion. These toxins include improperly digested nutrients, excreted toxins from the cells and viruses that have been attacked and killed by our defence system. They travel through the lymphatic vessels into the spleen, from where, they are excreted out of the system through the kidneys. For all this to happen smoothly, we need to consume water.

Without drinking adequate water, we won’t be able to excrete toxins. We get constipated. Then, these toxins will find their way out of our skin. Our skin may burst out into boils and rashes.

Further, when you consume less water than what your body requires, your muscles tighten, your ligaments go into a spasm and you may also have ligament injuries. Most sports persons who have ligament injuries are dehydrated at the time of their injuries. Other symptoms of a unhealthy lymphatic system include varicose veins and water accumulation in the body.

How much water is good for you?

How much water is good for your body? Different system speak differently. Some say 3 litres, some say 6 litres. There are all kinds of suggestions. Ayurveda has the answer. It’s again so simple that anyone can follow it.

Your water intake must make you urinate 6 times daily. That’s the measure. So, there is no one quantity of water for everyone. Each person has this check within his or her system. Urinate 6 times daily, that’s your measure. If you urinate less, you haven’t flushed toxins out. If you urinate more, then, you are flushing out electrolytes from your system, which can lead your body to develop cramps in your arms and legs.

Some people have urinary incontinence. They urinate very little and very often. Such people must not count the number of times they urinate and come to a conclusion. Also, people who work in air conditioned environments tend to urinate less because, their bodies experience dehydration due to the AC’s. People working in AC environments must consume more water so as to flush out toxins.

I remember this lady who stopped herself from drinking water because she wanted to watch television. Her daughter had called me to address her mother’s swollen feet. The solution was simple; drink adequate water which helped reduce her mother’s swollen feet condition.

Keep your water table healthy.