Natural Fibre back Scrubber


This natural fibre back scrubber is the only thing you need to take to the shower. It helps remove dead skin from your back without removing body oil.

Parts of your back do not get cleansed due to the limited flexibility of your arm. This can cause dead skin and dirt to accumulate and result in itching, scaling and discolouration of skin of your back resulting in bad health.

What is the natural fibre back scrubber made of?

It is made of plant-dried ridge gourd. A specific variety of ridge gourd is selected and allowed to dry on the plant. This yields seeds for replanting and also the natural fibre that can be used as a body brush and a back scrubber.

Is this scrubber as good as soap?

Most soaps contain caustic soda, which removes body oils. Many soaps are known to react with the skin and produce unpleasant odour from parts of your body such as armpit prompting you to use deodorants. The natural fibre back scrubber does not react with the skin. It helps by removing dead skin and leaves your skin clean. It retains natural body oils. Your skin becomes clean and makes you look fresh.

Do I need soap along with the natural fibre back scrubber?

Freshness is wrongly associated with fragrance. The fragrance is only a teaser for the senses. With regular marketing where freshness is associated with fragrance, people’s minds have become confused with the idea of freshness.

Soaps do nothing more than a body scrub. If at all soaps do anything, they remove body oils. That is not good for the body at all.

How does the skin feel after using the natural fibre back scrubber?

After using this scrubber, the body feels clean and fresh. In fact, this fibre removes body odour from your armpits. You will rarely require deodorants after using this body scrubber.

Can we use the scrubber to scrub other parts of the body as well?

Yes! The scrubber can also be used to scrub all parts of the body including your arms, legs, chest, abdomen and face. The wooden stem provided is water-resistant and does not spoil with use giving it a long life.